Monday, April 27, 2009

Declaration For Honoring Womanhood

On Thursday, April 9, 2009, a group of Los Angeles men and women, concerned about the degradation of women and girls of color, gathered together to make a personal commitment to honoring the women and girls in their lives. Thus, began the work of creating a "Declaration for Honoring Womanhood."

"I commit to allowing each woman to be who she is without judgment or condemnation."
"I commit to being a part of building communities for women of color."
"I commit to honoring my true self as a woman of color."

Hosted by Mother's Day Radio and the Women of Color Media Justice Initiative, the evening opened with a snippet of the multimedia stage presentation, "Shattered Glass on the Kitchen Floor." It included dramatic readings of excerpts taken from Shaunelle Curry's book, Shairi's Journey Through Darkness Into Light, and original music by singer/songwriter Kelley Nicole.

The evening continued with an enriching discussion on practical methods for expressing respect in our personal thoughts, words and actions toward women. We answered the question: "How do I make respect and honor practical, tangible aspects of my daily life?"

The Commitment
"I commit to try my best to speak from a place of love, not ego, when speaking, especially when there is conflict or time for critical analysis."

We created our personal commitment statements and began the work of formulating a "Declaration for Honoring Womanhood."

"I commit to coming into my own voice as a woman of color, and speaking up for what I believe in."

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